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Mellon Humanities Pathways Program

Humanities Pathways is a faculty-driven joint initiative between Oxford College and Emory College of Arts and Sciences.

Undergraduate Studies in the Humanities Lead to High Demand Skills In Today’s Job Market.

The Mellon Humanities Pathways program highlights how undergraduate studies in the humanities can lead to fulfilling career pursuits across a wide variety of fields from business and technical fields to finance and healthcare.

The program is a shared endeavor between Emory College of Arts and Science and Oxford College. The generous gift of $1.25 million will fund four initiatives over the course of three years to demonstrate the value of the humanities through diverse pathways to meaningful careers.

professor bonna wescoat


Emory students and faculty in the Humanities are always seeking opportunities to explore and engage with the rich collection of art, literature, philosophy, culture and history that are at the heart of the human expression and experience. In this space we seek to shine a spotlight on some of their work and discoveries connected to the Mellon Humanities Pathways grant.

Audrey Ruan, a third-year pre-med student at Emory University recently made an exciting discovering while researching through the papers of William Carlos Williams with Professor Sarah Higginbotham at the Yale library.  

Read more about Audrey’s discovery and her blog post.