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Previous Workshops

Spring 2021 Workshop

The second offering of the Mellon Faculty Workshop, while very different in style due to the COVID 19 pandemic, continued to provide faculty strategies to augment or redevelop courses that will help students translate coursework to post-graduate pathways. The 13 participants from both the Oxford and Atlanta campus met via Zoom for a series of three sessions which featured guest speakers from campus career centers and alumni offices. In addition to collaborative group sessions that focused on syllabus and course design, faculty participants also discussed the broader themes of social justice and resilience – themes that the current pandemic has brought to the fore.



The first Course Development and Syllabus Design workshop took place in August of 2019 and included 12 faculty members from both the Oxford and Emory campuses.

The workshop featured a keynote speaker, Dr. Mary Foskett, from Wake Forest University. Dr. Foskett spoke about her own experience in creating a capstone for Religious Studies students to help them synthesize their undergraduate learning and to create a portfolio to assist them in cataloging and explaining the value of their acquired knowledge and skills to a wider audience.