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Mellon Faculty Workshops

“This challenge requires more than a one-size-fits-all approach. As deans, we trust the creativity of our faculty to push this initiative forward in ways that will shape undergraduate education in the humanities for many years to come.” 

Michael A. Elliott, Dean of  Emory College of Arts and Sciences

Course Development and Syllabus Design workshop


The Mellon Faculty Workshop provides strategies for faculty members to assist students in translating coursework to post-graduate pathways. Over the course of the workshop, faculty also look at ways to redevelop courses to better help students explore career pathways and other post-graduate opportunities by

  • Making use of critical thinking, synthesizing diverse knowledge, and presenting concepts both in writing and speaking as learned in their humanities courses or major/minor
  • Including departmental capstone courses with a focus on how to connect what they learned to a future path 
  • Adding a “Career Trek” plan to visit sites in Atlanta or other U.S. cities where students can visit historic sites, places of cultural significance, and meet with successful professionals who have a background in the humanities.
  • Including “Alumni Connections” designed to invite alumni with humanities training back to campus to discuss their own pathways and experience.
  • In addition to the above, participants also heard presentations from  Career ServicesAlumni Engagement, and Academic Technology.

Upcoming Workshop

The fourth and final workshop will be open to any full-time faculty member at Emory College or Oxford College who will commit to teaching a Humanities-based course that fulfills the objectives of this project. Watch this space for further details.

Fall 2021 Workshop

Fall-2021-Emory-Oxford-Mellon-Pathways-750-500.jpgThe third Mellon Faculty Workshop saw a return to an in-person meeting for our first session in August 2021. However, this current workshop is a hybrid offering which includes both in-person and Zoom sessions throughout the fall semester. Similar to past workshops, the nine participants from both the Atlanta and Oxford campuses will focus on strategies to augment or redevelop courses that will help students translate coursework to post-graduate pathways. In addition to the usual presentations from campus career centers and the alumni office, there was an added presentation about the value of our now virtual alumni panels.  The inspiration for virtual panels came from our quarantine experience learning how to connect virtually and our growing comfort with tools like Zoom to create a new and effective way to bring alumni and students together to share and learn about future career pathways. This third offering of the workshop also expanded our focus on issues of social justice with the addition of a presentation and group discussion on Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion by subject expert Erika V. Hall from the Goizueta Business School.