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Alumni Connections

Our undergraduates can benefit from speaking directly with leaders in the private and non-profit sphere whose paths as humanities majors have often been unpredictable yet rewarding and meaningful.


Alumni Connections seeks to show students that studying the humanities can lead to opportunities that, on the surface, may not appear to be directly connected to their particular major in the humanities. As part of that goal, this initiative seeks to bring together current humanities undergraduates and successful alumni of those programs for candid conversations about career discernment with a humanities degree. 

alumni speaking to students


Alumni Connections Speaker Series

During the 2020–2021 academic year, the Alumni Connections speaker series shifted to a virtual format, tailoring events to individual departments and programs in the humanities at Emory. Participants gathered on Zoom from all over the world, and alumni working in entrepreneurship, arts administration, tech, public health, law, education, government, nonprofits, and medicine shared real-world examples of the humanities at work throughout their careers. The Office of Advancement & Alumni Engagement is a key partner in creating this program to identify successful graduates in the humanities and share their success stories. 

Alumni Panel Recordings Now Available 

Recordings of the 2020–2021 Alumni Connections speaker series are now available online, and we have relaunched the virtual series for the 2021–2022 year. Please register today using the links above. 

2021–2022 Calendar

Theater & Dance

German Studies               


Film & Media

Careers in the Arts




French & Italian


11/1 7:30pm           Register

11/3 6:00pm           Register

11/8 6:00pm           Register

2/9 6:00pm             Register

2/15 6:00pm           Register

3/1 6:00pm             Register

3/16 6:00pm           Register

3/21 5:30pm           Register

3/29 5:30pm           Register

4/5 6:00pm             Register


Click here to view past event recordings