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About Us

“Ultimately, we seek to empower undergraduates in the humanities to plan for their futures with confidence.”

-Douglas A. Hicks, Dean of Oxford College

Humanities Pathways: a faculty-driven initiative to change the conversation about the value of a humanities education.

Now more than ever, humanities faculty are committed to helping students understand how their academic pursuits can transition into professional opportunities in a rapidly changing world.

Tasha and PeteProgram initiatives are faculty-driven and designed to support faculty from Emory College of Arts and Sciences and Oxford College in the development or redesign of courses to better highlight how the skills and knowledge that come from a humanities education will serve students in whatever pathway they choose after graduation both now and in the future.

Course assignments and activities will be created to not only help students better understand the value of their skills and knowledge but also how to communicate that value to an audience across a wide variety of professional pursuits.

The Faculty Seminar is designed to fuel discussion and debate about the future of work.

The seminar allows faculty from different disciplines within the humanities to come together six times a year to deeply explore issues related to a changing workforce and the future of labor within a cultural and historical context.

Career Treks are created to connect the traditional classroom with the outside world.

This initiative encourages students to explore beyond the traditional classroom to visit cities, attend conferences and participate in activities that serve to highlight the connections between their coursework and the outside world.

Alumni Connections are designed to bring Humanities students and alumni together.

The goal of this initiative is to bring alumni and professionals to campus to engage with humanities students about the wide array of professional paths available to them after graduation.